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Foldable Tablet Device

Reliable source Evan Blass has shared a video of what is believed to be a three-panel folding phone from Xiaomi. The short video shows precious little beyond the show, however it’s clearly the centrepiece. additionally, to providing an oversized landscape view, the 2 aspect panels will fold backward to produce a standard phone-sized screen.

It’s not bound if this is often really a Xiaomi device, as well as a shipping product. there’s some proof to support the leak, though. ET News sources reported in July of last year that Xiaomi was developing an “out folding” phone with plans to release it someday in 2019. Moreover, the corporate is understood for pushing the boundaries of smartphone style — the MI combine series touted nearly bezel-free displays months before different major brands followed suit. If any company goes to push the boundaries of folding phones, Xiaomi would have to be on the short list of candidates.