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Challenges faced by an Apple in India


India is home of enormous population full of technology. Not surprisingly, Apple is keen to extend its sales there. However, small incomes, high device costs and low-cost alternatives are creating this more and more tough. smart piece of research done by news organization reveals that even those in Bengaluru – India’s Silicon Valley, are resisting high-end new Apple devices. To compound the difficulties, Apple faces high import tariffs in an Asian country and lost a number of its prime executives within the country this year.

Apple doesn’t continuously go first.

It didn’t create the portable mp3 player – it just gave it AN picture vogue worthy of the artistry stored upon it.

It didn’t discover the smartphone – it merely created the first product that justified the term.

And it didn’t devise voice assistants, or self-driving cars, or wearable technology or whatever comes next.

It’s that – the whatsoever comes next – that poses the greatest risk to Apple, even if it seems untouchable right now. From today onwards, to stay on top, Apple doesn’t so much have to predict the future, but perfect it.